Mobile Escape Rooms

Escape On the Move

We are very excited to offer a mobile mini-game version of our Live Escape Games that can be transported to your event. A mini-game is a shortened 10-15 minute escape game that allows us to give a thrilling, challenging, and fun experience to many of your guests in a short period of time. 

Choose from a single escape room experience, where teams compete to see who can finish with the best time, or multiple rooms with different escape experiences for participants to try. Whether you compete for prizes or just bragging rights, our mobile escape room experiences are a unique attraction that everyone can enjoy. 


1 Room $150 per hour $100 per hour
2 Rooms $200 per hour $100 per hour
3 Rooms $250 per hour $150 per hour
4 Rooms $275 per hour $150 per hour

Choose from 4 Mini Escape Rooms

We have 4 mobile escape room experiences to choose from, and more coming soon! We recommend planning for 4-6 people in a room at one time. Each room is run by an on-site staff member to ensure everyone has a great time. 

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    Around the World

    Scavenger hunt and treasure chest adventure using locations around the world.

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    Circus Train

    The circus train is about to leave but you have lost your tickets. Will you find them in time?

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    Mysterious Camp Fire

    Where are the campers and why did they leave the campsite?

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    The Lost Mummy

    Can you escape the tomb only using ancient hints?

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